I am.. My name is Ruby Trew, I am 7 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia. I love skateboarding and surfing.

I’ve been skating since… I started skateboarding when I was 5 years old which was about 2 years ago.

How did you get into skating? I was riding my 3 wheel scooter and my Dad just couldnt keep up with me so he bought himself a skateboard and I said “Dad, what’s that”? So I jumped on it and started doing the basics.

What do you love most about it? Skating is FUN. I love learning new tricks and pushing myself even when I fall down, when I land a trick that I have been working on for ages I feel really happy, I also love it when I get to skate with girls and love teaching new girls how to start off skate boarding.

What do you think skating gives you that other hobbies / sports don’t? I like the freedom it gives you to be creative and choose the trick you want to learn instead of being told, I also like how you can wear what you want – I sometimes like to skate in a dress just because I can!

Ruby at the SuperGirl Pro, Oceanside Beach California

Do you compete professionally? Can you talk about that a bit? I’ve competed around Australia – in Melbourne & Sydney and also in America at Exposure and Supergirl Pro.

Why do you think skating is seem primarily as a boys thing? Is it? I don’t see it as a boys thing, I get to skate with lots of girls – even my twin sisters skateboard! I recently went to a local skate competition and there were 16 girls in the under 13’s division – the year before there were just 3 of us!  Its growing every year!

What pro skaters do you look up to and why? Poppy Starr – she was the first girl skateboarder I met, the first girl skateboarder I skated with and she inspired me to want to be as good as her and get my own skateboard.

Do you hope to continue to skate as you grow up? Absolutely! Yes! I hope that when I grow up not only will my sisters still be skateboarding but also my best friends. It would be great for all the girls to be able to all cruise down Manly Beach front together…

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