Mariah skating 'doubles' at Woodward East skate park

I’ve been skating for… I been skating for nine years now. I started when I was 10-years-old. My older brother got me into skating and I loved it from day one. Once I got into skating our little brother decided to pick up a board too and now we all skate together as a family.

Being a skater girl is… I played a lot of male dominated sports growing up so I’m used to often being the only girl, it doesn’t bother me. Although yes, the majority of skaters are boys, that doesn’t mean that it’s a boy thing. If you love a sport then you should do it, no matter what it is or who people think it’s for. That’s what it all comes down to, love and passion, it’s not about being a boy or a girl.

I love skating because… Skateboarding gives me the freedom to be creative with what I do with it because when you skate there are no set rules, unlike the other sports I’ve played in the past. When you’re on your board you are you’re your own coach, your own boss. You’re able to go at your own pace and go anywhere.

And you skate professionally? Yes, I compete professionally. I really love competing because you get to compete with really talented people and that helps push you to the next level. Also it shows me that the really hard tricks that you think are impossible, are in fact possible, and if you see other girls doing them in competitions it spurs you on to be able to do them yourself.

Mariah skating in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The skaters I look up to are… I look up to a lot of skaters but the ones that have had the biggest impact on me and my skating are Marissa Del Santo for her amazing street skating skills, and Mark Suciu for his creativity with his tricks.

You’re a member of the Girl Skate Network, tell us about how that has helped you? Girl Skate Network has really helped me to grow as a skater because it’s allowed me to connect with lots of other girl skaters. It’s supported my growth because it’s enabled me to make a name for myself in the skating world. And of course I’ve met a lot of skaters through the network, it’s a great community to be part of for sure.

The best thing about skating is… I really love meeting people across the world who share the same passion as me, for me that is priceless.

Do you think you’ll skate forever? Yes. I will continue skateboarding for as long as possible because it’s part of me, and because I want to inspire other young girls to chase their dreams, just like I did, and still am.

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